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DBW Training Updates and Registration

CA Boating Safety Officers,

The Division of Boating & Waterways has posted the 2024 training calendar. To allow agencies time to schedule, DBW has posted the calendar a month in advance of online registration going live on 11/1/23. The training calendar, course descriptions, and prerequisites can be viewed at the Marine Law Enforcement Training Program webpage.

DBW is introducing a new course for 2024, the Basic Coastal Operator. The BCO is five-day, 40-hour introductory course for boating enforcement officers. This course is designed to provide vessel operators with the skills necessary to safely operate a public safety vessel in nearshore coastal environments. Participants will gain practical knowledge and experience regarding nomenclature, vessel inspections, navigation rules, aids to navigation, charts, weather, boating laws, patrol techniques, vessel handling, and interagency operability. The course will also include a swim assessment where officers will learn and demonstrate skills necessary for water survival.

There is a new prerequisite for all courses. Participants must have their CA Boater Card to attend – they must bring their CA Boater Card to the first day of class. However, if a student has already completed the Basic Maritime Officer’s Course, the Inland Boat Operator course, or if they have a USCG captain’s license, this prerequisite can be waived – they will need to bring a copy of their BMOC/IBO course completion certificate or USCG captain’s license with you to the first day of class. For information regarding the Boater Card, please visit the CA Boater Card website. For any questions regarding the CA Boater Card, please contact Krisit Jones at or by calling (916) 858-9059.

Any questions regarding the Marine Law Enforcement Training Program may be directed to the Training Coordinator, Brian Carroll, at or by calling (916) 902-8786.

There has been a slight change to the 2024 marine law enforcement training calendar. The Redding delivery of the Inland Boat Operator Course has been moved to April 15-19, see attached calendar.

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